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Low Libido in Women


Low libido is more common in women than in men. In fact, over 40 percent of the women complain of lack of sex drive whereas men who suffer with sexual dysfunction are about 30 percent. But where does this difference come from? Why is this problem more common in women than in men?


The reason is that female libido is much more complex than male libido. While male libido is mainly physically rooted, female sex drive can be influenced by a number of factors – both physical and emotional.


Fortunately for both genders, there are ways to treat this problem – men suffering with sexual dysfunction can take drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, or natural male enhancement pills like ProSolution; and women complaining of low libido can take natural libido enhancement pills like HerSolution.


Causes of Low Libido in Women

A great variety of physical factors can cause women’s libido to diminish – illnesses, medications, physical changes, etc.


Physical causes:



A lot of illnesses can lead to low libido, such as kidney disease, neurological diseases, coronary artery disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.



Many prescription medications are known to influence negatively sex drive, such as blood pressure medications, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, chemotherapy drugs, etc.


Alcohol and drug abuse.

Too much alcohol or taking street drugs can kill your libido.


Obesity or Anorexia.

Women who are medically obese or suffer from anorexia (or are severely underweight) may be deficient in certain sex hormones and experience lack of sexual interest.



Surgeries related to breasts or genitals can affect desire for sex.



Exhaustion can really suppress any interest in sex.


Pain or discomfort during sex.

If a woman experiences pain during sex (dyspareunia) or is unable to achieve orgasm (anorgasmia), this may kill her desire for sex.


Hormone changes.

Changes in hormone levels also change libido. This is particularly true for certain periods in a woman’s life:





Perimenopause and menopause.

Psychological causes:





Poor body image and/or low self-esteem.

Relationship issues.

Past or current physical or emotional abuse.

History of sexual abuse or rape.

Latent lesbianism.

Whatever the cause of low libido is, the solution that has so far turned out to be most effective in enhancing women’s libido is herbal enhancement pills.


What Should a Woman Do about Low Libido?

Probably the first step a woman should take if she is not interested in sex as she would like to be is to talk to her doctor. This is needed in order to ensure that a medical problem is not the cause for the low libido. The cause for your low libido may turn out to be simply a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance.


If no medical problem is found, it may be a good decision to seek the advice of a psychologist or therapist. They may help you examine and resolve underlying problems in your life.


If relationship factors and sexual intimacy are predominant for the cause of low libido, then it may be wise to see a sex therapist. You and your partner will discuss your relationship and sexuality during the therapy sessions and may even be assigned “homework” exercises that will help you improve sexual communication and intimacy.

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